Point-of-Care Test Reader

Eye Point-of-Care Test Reader

The AXIM Eye system incorporates a Point-of-Care quantitative colorimetric Lateral Flow Reader that ensures precise interpretation of results. The reader uses Flash Eye technology, which enhances the color of colorimetric lateral flow tests providing a combination of excellence in image acquisition and processing delivering an outstanding dynamic range for the quantitative assay. All current and future AXIM Eye tests utilize the same reader.


About the Reader

Lateral Flow assays are simple and inexpensive today, but readers are not. Although results can be obtained visually, as demand grows for more sensitivity, quantification, traceability, and connectivity, the need for reasonable cost-wise Lateral Flow Readers is increasing. The AXIM reader is a Point-of-Care quantitative colorimetric Lateral Flow Reader that ensures precise interpretation of results for both, routine sample testing, research and development applications.

AXIM Eye Reader Main Benefits


Test Specific Barcode Reader

The AXIM reader is equipped with a barcode reader and features Flash Eye technology, which allows for rapid input of selected tests. Simply scan the barcode to tell the reader which test you are running


Precise & optimal

Program test turnaround time. Read your test at the right moment


Compact Size

The AXIM Eye reader requires a small footprint and was designed specifically for exam lane usage



The AXIM Eye reader is ungradable to new biomarker algorithms and will not require additional reader expense for use with future testsĀ 

Performance and Specifications

How It Works:


Step 1

Using the patent-pending Tear Capture Device, Collect sample from canthus of eye


Step 2

Mix tear sample in with provided diluent vial


Step 3

Place the cassette into reader tray, then transfer entire sample into top port


Step 4

Within 8 minutes, the results will be ready to read and record to patient's chart.

Did you know?

The Axim Eye point-of-care Lactofferin and IgE diagnostic tests are CMS and private insurance reimbursable. Reimbursement rates can vary based on your practice location.

Lactoferrin CPT code – 83520
IgE. CPT code – 82785

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