Intrivo Diagnostics announced that it has entered into a national distribution agreement with Concordance Healthcare Solutions and NDC to start the distribution and commercialisation of New Jersey-based Access Bio’s CareStart™ line of coronavirus testing products throughout the US. The move aimed at broadening the reach and access to CareStart portfolio of Covid-19 diagnostic products.

AXIM Biotechnologies has developed and filed a patent for an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)-based diagnostic test for detecting SARS‐CoV-2 neutralising antibodies. The filing is AXIM’s fourth Covid-19 neutralising antibody-based patent application.

Drawbridge Health and the Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge have collaborated to investigate the use of the OneDraw™ Blood Collection Device as a method of blood sample collection for assessing the prevalence of a prior Covid-19 infection. The large-scale surveillance study enables non-contact blood collection and safe delivery of samples to clinical testing laboratories.

ixlayer, a technology-based diagnostic solutions provider, has partnered with CIC Health to expand the access of Covid-19 testing to more US schools and universities. CIC Health will use ixlayer’s COVID-19 Clinical Testing Platform to provide testing services including distribution of the tests, coordinating with labs and tracking patients, to school districts and universities across the nation.