IPM spoke with AXIM Biotech CEO John Huemoeller to see how his firm are going about seeking patent protection for its Covid-19 tests.

Obtaining IP rights protections for Covid-19 related treatments and tests is the number one public health priority right now.The race to the finish line would see some companies obtain potentially lucrative protection for their innovations, with others arguing that securing rights to these inventions is selfish and should be freely accessible to all.

While the world grapples with these concerns, companies have raced forward to try and secure their rights – while they still can. One such company is AXIM Biotechnologies, a Californian-based pharma firm seeking to obtain patent protection for their Covid-19 testing kits.

They’re competing with companies like Genomica, CerTest Biotec, and Clonit to obtain protections for their tests.

IPM had the chance to sit down (virtually) with AXIM CEO John Huemoeller to learn more about how his company aims to use its test to help evaluate the immune status of patients who recovered from Covid-19, and how they’re seeking patenting protection for it.