Medicinal Chemists at AXIM continue to design and synthesize additional proprietary compounds that inhibit i) QSOX1, ii) suppress invasion of tumor spheroids in vitro and iii) suppress metastasis in animal models with the goal of testing active compounds in clinical trials to extend lives of cancer patients.

Pre-Clinical Animal Studies/Stage 1: SPX-1009 Safety & Efficacy

The Company has signed an agreement with TD2, a contract research organization (CRO), to determine the effectiveness to determine the effectiveness of its lead drug candidate SPX-1009 to block the spread of metastasis.  The animal studies will be conducted in a mouse model of triple negative breast cancer using human tumor xenografts.  Animal studies to begin in May 2020 with an expected duration of 6-8 weeks.

Pre-Clinical Animal Studies/Stage 2: SPX-1009 Efficacy in Combination Therapy 

Axim will test the concept that inhibiting QSOX1 sensitizes tumors to traditional anti-neoplastic drugs. Since many current chemotherapeutic agents are toxic to patients, pre-treating patients with a QSOX1 inhibitor would allow patients to be treated with a lower dose of chemotherapy, minimizing toxicity to the patient while maintaining the ability to kill tumors. Estimated to begin third quarter, 2020.

Clinical Human Studies                                                   

Upon successful animal studies, AXIM will seek a large pharma partner to begin clinical trials in patients with any tumor that over-expresses QSOX1.
Estimated first quarter 2021.