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What’s a Vaccine Passport and Do You Need One?

Would an “immunity passport” be more effective? The vaccines are still in the early stages of being studied, but they’re thought to be highly effective. However, there are questions that remain. For example, it’s not clear if a vaccinated person who gets the virus can...

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Beating the Covid-19 crisis: the role of vaccine boosters

Vaccine boosters could have a dual positive impact on the Covid-19 pandemic. They can boost the immune response against the original SARS-CoV-2 virus, as well as provide methods to overcome the emerging viral variants that could render existing vaccines ineffective....

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Neutralizing antibodies and COVID-19 vaccines

The CDC estimates that in the past 20 years, vaccines have saved more that 21 million lives. There are many different types of vaccines that provide protection against infectious diseases. Some examples of diseases for which vaccines elicit protective immunity include...

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AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc. – COVID-19 Research

John Huemoeller, CEO of AXIM Biotechnologies, an international healthcare solutions company based in San Diego targeting oncological and COVID-19 research, discusses three first-of-their-kind COVID-19 neutralizing antibody tests. They have developed the world’s first...

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Tests for the test makers

IPM spoke with AXIM Biotech CEO John Huemoeller to see how his firm are going about seeking patent protection for its Covid-19 tests. Obtaining IP rights protections for Covid-19 related treatments and tests is the number one public health priority right now.The race...

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Coronavirus company news summary – AXIM develops ELISA-based neutralising antibody diagnostic test for Covid-19 – ixlayer and CIC Health partner to expand Covid testing in US schools and universities

Intrivo Diagnostics announced that it has entered into a national distribution agreement with Concordance Healthcare Solutions and NDC to start the distribution and commercialisation of New Jersey-based Access Bio’s CareStart™ line of coronavirus testing products...

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BioWorld Others News Note for Dec 3

3M, of St Paul, Minn., said it is planning to initiate restructuring actions that will impact all business groups, functions and geographies. The restructuring is expected to affect about 2,900 positions globally. Santa Clara, Calif.-based Agilent Technologies...

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BioWorld News to Note for Sept 16 2020

San Diego-based Axim Biotechnologies Inc., an international health care solutions company targeting oncological and COVID-19 research, has filed an emergency use authorization (EUA) application with the U.S. FDA for measuring COVID-19 neutralizing antibodies in plasma...

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COVID Fighters Rewarded on Markets

By Baystreet The old adage, "he also serves who only sits and waits," is being severely tested these days with the impatience millions are feeling to see some sort of banishment of the deadly COVID-19. Thomas Edison’s statement “he also serves who hustles while he...

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